Mrrinali Bhatia

Mrrinali Bhatia

San Francisco, CA

Harvey Nash

3 years with the Group

What keeps you at Harvey Nash?  

The people and the open-door culture. It’s amazing to be a part of an organization where even though we work in geographically dispersed teams, we are all truly connected. My hope and faith in the leaders and the business to take care of their employees, is what keeps me here.  

We have all worked very hard to build a strong brand resonance in the US market, that to date we have some powerful clients in our roster. It is a privilege to get to work with some of the humblest and over-achieving technologists in the Bay Area where we get to meet their yardstick and make some pivotal hires within the Tech industry. It’s so enthralling that there isn’t a day where we don’t learn something new.

What makes Harvey Nash different to other employers?

Our method to the craft and the experience we give each client and candidate. We are far from transactional (and that is extremely intentional). When I joined the organization 3 years ago I immediately felt at home because making someone feel like we listen to them and genuinely want to help them is what is at the core of our services, and that is exactly how I function on a personal level too.

We hire people based on potential, then we train them and guide them to eventually give them the targets we know they will be able to achieve. It’s an extremely supportive work culture.

What’s the best thing we’ve done for you?

Listen! To ideas, suggestions and requests. I think the fact that the leadership is approachable, you can go to them with ideas and suggestions and they will always listen to you. One of the best things done for me was crafting my career path and encouraging me to see my future and growth here.

How would you describe the Harvey Nash Culture?

We hire great people – helpful, hardworking, and genuine. Our team is currently geographically distributed which means we are always learning more and more about everyone’s diverse cultures and personalities and share our experiences too. It’s an extremely enriching and very inclusive work culture. We ensure that anyone and everyone we interact with walks away with a positive experience, and it all starts at home - within our teams; making sure the happiness quotient on our team is HIGH, is very important to us.

What’s your biggest achievement here to date?

My first year in the business was extremely special - I won 7 recruiter of the month awards, 2 team awards and ended the year as the Top Biller Rank #1. I’ve been lucky to get the continued support of our sales team, especially our Market Director who has some of the strongest relationships in the Bay Area.

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